Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Knitting

This could be a post complete with pictures and links and all sorts of wonderful stuff. But it's not. Because I'm buried under a pile of Holiday Knitting.

Notice that I capitalize Holiday Knitting? I do that because it has taken on Monumental Importance.

Because you see, I'm making ______ for _______. And also, _______ for ________ and _______ for ________ and _________ for ________.

If that wasn't enough Tim is making _______ for _________, _______ for __________ and we're both working on a hat and scarf set for a little girl in foster care who wants that for Christmas, in purple.

Not to mention another ongoing project for _________.

How many of these things are done? Hmmm. I've ripped out the ________ for _________ no fewer than 4 times. Then decided that I just didn't like the yarn in that pattern. So, I decided to make ________. But Tim was using the right needle tips on a _________ for ________, so I started it on a size down (since I tend to knit a little looser, anyway. But 'ya know what? I'm wondering now if that yarn is right for that pattern, or is just to heavy for the size 7 needles. Maybe I should recast on with the 9's (obviously the 8's are being used.)

Another's day knitting to be frogged.

Have we taken on more than we can chew... er... knit? Possibly.

Every year I swear I'm going to start in July. Every year I get started somewhere in October. All would be good, if suddenly, mid November, I didn't add 5 people to the list of knitted gift recipients.

So, obviously, I'm going to go knit. If I don't pop up until christmas, at least you'll know what I'm doing.