Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Doctor Says

My toe is definitely broken. ;-)

Yeah, we knew that. He looked at the pictures and looked at the toe. He looked at me. Apparently the doc in the ER did a fantastic job of setting the break. Hooray!!! Also, I have two separate injuries.

1. There's the fracture in the distal (furthers away from the body) joint.

2. I "jammed" the proximal toe joint (where it meets the metatarsal), hence screwing up the ligaments and the reason I have pain there as well as the fracture sight.

Fortunately, that should just heal over time. In fact, both will. The bad news is that I already have some arthritis in the proximal joint and will probably develop arthritis in the distal (fractured) joint. Oh well. I'll be 50 next year. I guess arthritis is par for the course.

As for work. I can work when I feel like I can work. As a massage therapist that means I have to be able to stand on my feet for an hour at a time, 3 or 4 times a day. I'm not there. Maybe next week.

I can drive as soon as I can put a "closed" shoe on. I'm not there yet either.

On the knitting front.

I have cast on for Mr. Greenjeans which will be knit with Plymouth Galway Highland Heather in a dark green, color 703 on the color card. I got the yarn at Rhinebeck on Sunday. It's very soft and I hope will make a snuggly cardigan.

I have also cast on Falling Water Scarf in Tina's hand dyed merino laceweight, colorway Lady Sapphire. I love the rich blues, and it has been patiently waiting for me to clear room in the queue.

Also, I'm about to cast on Waves of Grain (which I think is drop dead gorgeous). I'll be using my own laceweight100% Merino, spun from Carolyn's Flames colorway.

I'm also working on the socks. Still. They were put aside when I realized that I couldn't finish them and Tim's sweater before Rhinebeck, and the sweater won. I have been trying to pick them up but have too bad a case of "startitis". Obviously.

There's litle more I can do these days but knit and listen to audiobooks...and write (but I haven't been in the mood). At least this week. Next week might be different.

More later....

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Kim said...

Your healing time will be well spent. Mr. G is a great knit (and no seaming!). I remember you spinning up Carolyn's Flames roving at Wiawaka. Looking forward to seeing it knit up.