Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Baaaaak!!!

Didja miss me? Didja notice?

I had a wonderful media vacation. In fact, so wonderful that I'm planning at least one day per week to be media free. It might even be electronic free. It sounds like Sabbath, except there will be knitting and spinning and both of those qualify, at least in Judaism, as work (I think).

Somehow I managed to get myself into all sorts of trouble, though.

It was very odd, I did my morning pages, ate breakfast and sat in the kitchen thinking...now what? On any other day, the answer would be "check email." Since there was no email checking I started to look around. I cleaned the kitchen.

I looked around some more and decided I wasn't crazy about anything I was looking at. I didn't feel like spending my entire "vacation" cleaning, so I went up to my office. I organized my desk. I threw out 2 large garbage bags of paper. I found all the pens that the cat had hidden in the far corner behind my desk.

More in next post


Tina M. said...

I think Steve's head would pop off if he couldn't play with his DS, iTouch, Wii or laptop. At least he's not chasing skirts or getting liquuored up. :P

I like the sound of it at least once a month though, I'm going to talk to him about it. It would be a tough sell because the weekend, if we're home, is when we're indulging in our Netflix or catching up on recorded TV. But I know I could do it just from all the knitting, spinning, crocheting and reading I do. I'd SERIOUSLY miss compulsively checking my tabbed pages though.

See Kay said...

Are you reading The Artist's Way? I have that book and started it a few times but never got through it. I think the media break was what broke me each time.

ComputerMechanic said...

"Are you reading The Artist's Way?"

Sorta, as she has gone through the entire program a time or three.

Media Vacation is exactly that. A time to put your attention elsewhere instead of turning on/tuning out.