Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time Flies

The problem with having a life is that it doesn't leave much time for blogging. I don't count end of the day drooling from exhaustion plopped in front of the TV time. That's non-productive time, no matter how hard I try to make it different. The only thing I can possibly accomplish during those hours is knitting. There has been quite a bit of that going on, but there are no pictures.

In fact, this is going to be a piccy free post. (Yeah, I know booo hisss) But there will be links. Starting with:

Most of my life is being sucked up by this: The Capital Region Romance Writers Association Annual Conference.

What's that you say? What is this? Why am I doing it? Hell if I know.

Remember media vacation week? When I had all that free time to write and read and do all those loved thing? Well, at the end of that week, I was at my local chapter RWA meeting, and the VP of our Chapter voiced an appeal for someone to chair the Conference Committee. I'm not totally insane. I did specify that I would only CO-CHAIR. And someone else did step up to the plate with me. That was in February, and I've been overwhelmed with conference stuff since.

Of course, since the past chairperson is not helping, and won't release any information because she's a control freak; and the person doing our web-maintenance refuses to talk on the phone and will only communicate via email; this has not made for an easy transition.

Oh, did I mention that the conference is in June?

Onwards and upwards.

The first of the knitting classes, Beyond the Basics at Beau Knits in Cohoes, went smashingly. I had 5 students and although we didn't cover as much material as I would have liked, everyone got their project started. I can't wait to see what they come in with on Saturday. I've always known that I love teaching, and I'm totally stoked to be teaching knitting. I would really like to do more of this in the future.

;This past weekend was the Capital District Knit-in 2009 at the Troy Arts Center. Put on by 4 local area yarn shops. It was fantastic. The venue was great, the turn-out wonderful. There were door prizes and great conversation. There will be pictures as soon as I get them from my cellphone camera to the web.

The highlight for me was sitting a newbie down at Asherah with some good beginners fluffy fiber and teaching her to spin. I have a feeling there will be another new spinner in our midst. She seemed quite taken by it.

On the spinning front, I've been doing a fair bit of that, and will have pictures as soon as I wash what I've been working on.

Oh, and my dear husband has joined the ranks of the bloggers. You can find him at Geeky Fiber News.

On the writing front, I'm working on the new book. In fact, that's where I'm headed for work on it.

Look for another post in a few days, and in the mean time, keep on giving those sheep a reason to give up the wool.

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Tina M. said...

Good luck with all you turn your hands and mind to, and remember to take time for yourself while you're at it. I'm only sorry I couldn't go with you to the fiber event, it sounds like a lot of fun. :) I hardly ever get to go to any that *aren't* mine.