Sunday, June 1, 2008


I suppose that when some people think of parties, they think of booze and music and that sort of thing. In my circle of friends, when there's a party there's fiber. Yesterday was Tina's 30th birthday party (Phoenix Fiberworks for those of you in blog-land).

We were only 20 minutes late, which is practically on time for my husband and I, and the grill was already fired up and Steve's brother was grilling up the burgers and dogs. Food! What a great way to start a party. We ate, we laughed, we made small talk. Then we got down down to some serious partying.

Out came the equipment:

Left to right is Tina's Lendrum, my Kromski Sonata and Becky's Kromski Sonata.

Then, we sat down to Spin:

Of course, some people came to knit:

Note the knitting needles in the left hand, and the drink in the right hand.

Notice the smiles on people's faces.

It being a birthday party,
there were presents:

And cake:

I guess there were some non-fiber people there...but for some reason I don't have pictures of them. I wonder why? It couldn't be that I'm obssessed with all things fiber-y, could it?

Finished Objects:

Amazingly I managed, in only 10 days, to produce Mist. This is a pattern written by Lisa Dykstra for Crystal Palace Yarns

I knit this with my own handspun, a mystery 100% wool fiber that was in my stash. It spun up so fine in lace weight, but I only had about 200 yards of it, so a scarf it was destined to become.

On the needles:

I'm still working on the silk Traveling Vine Shawl., that's misleading. It's been on hiatus while I finished a whole bunch of projects, not the least of which was Mist. But, I'm resolved to finish it before Sirius Rising (2nd week in July). I maybe be overly optimistic, as we knitters are wont to be, but I think I can pull it off.

On the bobbins:

Same as before...Blue Green merino on Asherah, Flame merino on Phaedre.

No one is commenting on my blog yet. I suppose no one is reading it. ::sigh::


Stormcrow said...

I am reading it ;-)

Harriet said...

Thanks. It's been kinda lonely over here.

Tina said...

What an awesome surprise! I feel like ass today because it was just too much fun yesterday, so I haven't even posted myself yet.

I'm so glad you could come, I had a great time. The scarf is lovely, and I appreciate every hour, every stitch that went into it. Thank you!

Harriet said...

Yesterday was a low energy day for me too. It was a busy weekend. But I had such a good time on Saturday it was worth every iota of tiredness. P.S. Having a fiber blog is fun!!!

Stormcrow said...

Well Phaedra has an empty bobbin on it as I am learning to spin.