Thursday, January 22, 2009

Further thoughts

I want to thank everyone who commented yesterday for their thoughtful posts.

I did rip out the socks. As Tina said, life is too short not to knit something that makes me happy. I'm still using the Mirasol Hacho yarn, because I do love it; but I changed needle size, correcting the sizing issue that I should have corrected by ripping out starting over, and I'm happily knitting myself a pair of socks.

I have 140 yards of sport to dk weight, handspun BFL that I would love to make into something nice for myself. Any ideas? I'm not terribly into Cowls, because I always ending up sweating and not wanting anything around my neck (damn hormones). Other ideas?

I stayed up way too late last night reading Burn Out by one of my favorite mystery writers, Marcia Muller. I've been reading this series since it first premiered 1977 (youch!) and Muller has never disappointed me. If you want a mystery series that keeps its heroine edgy and yet takes her through character growth over time, get a copy of Edwin of the Iron Shoes and go forward from there.


Stormcrow said...

Hmm found one here

You wanted to do this
fingerless gloves thing...

but BFL Scratchy?

Jessica said...

Turn a Square hat! Although I'll warn you, they are like potato chips!!

Linda said...

My dear Harriet,
The book thing is a drag. I'm sure it is just finding the right person that reads it and likes it. The publishing biz is so fickle. I saw someting about publishing your book yourself, do you know about these sites. A few of these have been best sellers.
As to the knitting. I am just practicing my knit and pearl so seeing these patterns you are working on are amazing to me and I wonder how many years before I could do something like that. I do like the sweater, mr greenjeans? I am going to a knitting group on Wed am at a church. The ladys are very nice and have taken me under their wing and I am enjoying their company.
Love you Linda